Standing Order Series/Author Searching

You can search by series and/or author via the Standing Order Search page. All users within a Standing Order Services-enabled organization can perform a Series/Author search via the Standing Orders drop-down menu located at the top of every page in the system.

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At the top of the page, you can enter various search terms
(1) for your series/author search. Terms can be limited to include Contains, Begins With, Ends With, and Exact matches. You can also use the And, Or, and Not limiters to combine search terms. Four rows are provided for you automatically. To add more terms to your search, click the Add More Terms link.
Search by Filters at the bottom of the screen
(2). Just click on the linkable Filter Name to open the associated pop-up. From there, you can add and remove filters as you like. Selected filters will display immediately on the Series/Author page. To easily remove a filter, click the X next to the associated filter name.
  • Program Type – Select from one or more Standing Order program types: Automatically Yours, Continuations, Children and Teens (CATS)
  • Format – Limit your search to one or more format types.
  • Series Status – Select either Active or Inactive series statuses. Active is selected by default.
  • Areas of Interest – Select one or more series Areas of Interest. Click See More to display the full list of Areas of Interest.
  • Series Audience – Select the Audience Levels you wish to associate with your series search.
  • Last Issue Publish Date – Select one of the provided options, or use the date pickers to select a custom date range.
  • Last Issue List Price – Enter a Minimum and/or a Maximum price to limit your search to those prices.
Access a list of any series/author saved searches you have created by clicking on the Saved Searches tab (3).

Once you have entered your search terms and/or filters, click Search to initiate your search.

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A list of series/author search results will display. From here, you can open the Ordering Information tab to easily add the series to one of your profiles. You can also open the Title Listing tab to view the six most recently published titles within the series. Please note that the duplicate S icon User-added image displays for any series/authors you have already added to an existing profile.

Use the filters within the Refine Your Search section to narrow down your results.

Click Save this Search to save your search parameters for later.