Standing Order Profiles Pending Modification Requests Tab

The Pending Modification Requests tab displays a list of all series associated with the profile that are or have been in a pending status.

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There are five main tabs on this page:

All - All previously requested modifications.
New - Any new modification requests that are not yet being processed.
In Process - Modification requests that are currently being processed by the system.
Removed - Any modification requests that you have cancelled.
Completed - All previously completed modifications.

You can sort requests by Series Name, Series ID, Frequency, Submitted By, Submission Date/Time, and Status, by clicking on the associated column header name. Additionally, you can view only Add, Modify, or Delete requests by selecting the appropriate option at the top of the tab. 

Expand requests to view the changes you've requested for each series. In the below example, this series has been added to the associated profile, with a quantity of 1 for each order. 

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