You can initiate returns by selecting Returns from the Customer Support menu option, located at the top of every page in the system.

All product returns (excluding those from Book Leasing programs) require prior authorization from a Customer Service Representative. You can contact your Customer Service Representative via the toll-free number found on your packing list. All return requests must be made within 45 days from receipt of goods.

A link to the full Return policy can be found at the bottom of the Return Authorization Form within Title Source 360. 

Customer Account Information

customer account information

You must provide a Contact Email, your Invoice or ATS #, and select the Account Number associated with your return in the provided fields. You can optionally enter an Alternative Email address as well. 

Product Details

Use the Product Details portion of the Returns form to enter information about your return. You can import a list of the items you wish to return from a file by selecting the Import from File tab, or you can use the provided fields on the Basic tab to manually enter your returns. 

product details

import to file

ISBN/UPC - Enter the ISBN or UPC for the item you wish to return.
QTY - Enter the number of items associated with the above ISBN/UPC field that you wish to return.
Reason for Return - Select one of the below reasons for your return:
     Duplicate (B&T error) 
     Duplicate (Customer error) 
     Other - If this option is selected, you must complete the provided blank text field. There is a maximum of 100 characters that can be entered in this field. 
     Short Book 
     Wrong Title(s) Received (B&T error) 
     Wrong Title(s) Received (Customer error) 
Action - Select the action you'd like for each item you are returning. 
     No Charge Replacement 
     No Credit Due 

If you have any Additional Comments to add to your return request, enter them in the associated field at the bottom of the Product Details section. 

Submit Your Return

Click Submit to send your return to Baker & Taylor.