Delete a Cart

There are several ways to delete a cart in the system. Carts will remain in a deleted status for seven days before they are permanently removed.

Carts Drawer

You can easily delete carts from the Carts Drawer by either clicking on the X icon delete icon next to the cart in question, or by dragging and dropping the cart into the Deleted Folder, and then confirm the deletion.

carts drawer

Cart Details Page

To delete a cart from the Cart Details page, select Delete Cart from the Cart Actions drop-down, and then confirm the deletion. 

cart details

Manage Carts Page

To delete a single cart, select Delete Cart from the Select Action drop-down next to the associated cart, and then confirm your deletion.

delete a single cart

To delete multiple carts at once, select the checkmark next to the carts in question, and then select Delete Cart from the Selected Carts drop-down.

batch delete