VOX Books FAQs

What are VOX Books?
VOX Books are hardcover picture books, chapter books, and nonfiction books with a permanently attached reader preloaded with high-quality narration. This combination of print book and audio book allows the user to listen as they read along, helping them engage with books and develop the literacy skills needed for success in school and life.

Is the pricing for VOX Books changing?
No. Customers will receive the same pricing they currently do through their VOX Books account. The cost for processing will also align with customers' existing plans.

Will there be webinars around the VOX Books product?
Over the next couple months, Library Ideas and Baker & Taylor will host joint webinars for customers seeking more information.

Can I still place standing orders for VOX Books through TS360?
The VOX Books standing order plan will transition to a Baker & Taylor SelectionHQ plan.

How can I find VOX Audio titles?
In TS360, you can find VOX Audio in a few different ways. VOX Audio will have a curated list within the Selection Lists in the Browse tab. They can also be found by using the "VOX Audio" Product Attribute from within the filters option when executing a search. You can also search for VOX Audio by simply including the term "VOX Audio" in your keyword search.


How many chargers will come in my VOX Books order?
Each order will receive 1 device charger per 5 books ordered. 

What foreign languages are available for VOX Books?
The catalog of VOX Books titles includes a fantastic selection of foreign language options, including Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Korean, Russian, Tagalog, Hebrew, Japanese, Ukrainian, Hindi, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Will I continue to get basic MARC records with my order if I do not get full library processing?
Yes, basic MARC records will be available for download from TS360 / BTCat.