New Release Calendar

The New Release Calendar highlights new product releases in all categories – Books, Movies, and Music.

Please note that the New Release Calendar contains a list of hand-curated new titles by our merchandising department. The titles featured here are titles that are of the greatest interest to our customers. The best way to ensure you see a complete listing of all releases by date is to utilize our Advanced Search page. 

Use the New Release Calendar (found via the Browse drop-down menu) to view new releases by product type or by date.

new release calendar image

Select the product type you wish to view using the provided checkboxes
(1). You can also opt to view only titles that can be Pre-Ordered by selecting the associated link below the product type checkboxes.
If you want to view only titles released on a specific date, select that date in the calendar
(2). The color-coded dots below each date correspond to the associated product type, so you can easily see what types of products are released on a given day.
View all titles for the given month by selecting the link located underneath the calendar
If you want to order a title, hover over the book jacket
(4) to reveal an Order Now button. A pop-up ordering window will display, so you can easily add the title to any cart without leaving the main calendar page.

order pop up