Bill To Accounts

The Bill To Accounts area is where you can view all Bill To accounts B&T has associated with your organization.

First, select Accounts from the Admin menu, located at the top of every page.

menu option

Select the Bill-To Accounts tab to view all Bill-To accounts associated with your organization. Please note that you have more than one Ship-To account sharing a common Bill-To Account. In order to make any changes, you must have the Support Organization function assigned to your User ID.

bill to tab
  • Account Name -  The read-only name given to the account by Baker & Taylor. Click on the account name to view additional information for the associated Bill-To account. You can set the Max Copies Per Line and Sales Tax Percentage values on the Account Detail screen. You can also change the Account Alias if desired.

general information page
  • Account Number -  The internal Baker & Taylor account number.
  • Bill-To Address -  This is the address where invoices will be sent.
  • Credit Terms -  The payment terms assigned to the account.