Carts List

Use the Carts List to view all carts for any or all users in your organization.

Select Carts List from the Admin menu option, located at the top of every page. 

menu option

A list of all carts in your organization displays.

carts list overview image

You can Refine Your Search
 (1) on the left side of the page to view only Recent Carts, carts by Account Type, Cart Status, or by User.

To perform an action on one or more carts, select the checkmark next to the cart(s) in question, and then select an option from the Selected Cart Actions drop-down
(2). Options include Add to Merge List, Merge Cart, and Archive Cart.

To quickly find a cart, use the Cart Search field
(3) at the top of the page and then click the magnifying glass icon.

To perform an action on an individual cart, use the Select Action drop-down
(4) located next to the cart in question.

Please note that even though your own carts display on this page, you should use the Manage Carts page to manage your own personal carts.