Assigning Grid Codes

Your organization's Grid Fields and Grid Codes can only be set up by users with Support Org functionality. Some B&T Technical Support and Sales Representatives also have this capability, so they can assist when necessary.

Select Grid Codes from the Admin drop-down at the top of every page.

grid codes menu option

Grid Code Authorization and Assignment

All users can access all Grid Codes, or you can specify which Grid Codes specific users can access. 

grid assignments

If all users should be able to access all Grid Codes, you don't have to do anything, as Users Authorized to use All Grid Codes is the default setting.  

Select Users Must Be Assigned/Authorized Specific Grid Codes to make assignments
(1). When you select this option, the numbers under the Users field become active links (2), allowing you to add and remove users from the associated Grid Code. Click on the User Number to open up the Assignments page for that Grid Code. 

active user links

The Users pop-up displays. From here, you can assign users to this Grid Code by selecting the check box next to their User Name, and then click Save.

select users

When creating a new user, you can also assign Grid Codes on the associated tab on the User Details page.

user details grid codes tab